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Dr. Girlfriend Motivational by Dominik528 Dr. Girlfriend Motivational by Dominik528
I remember one night, long ago, when I turned on the TV in our living room. I think I remember seeing this ship in space, with a group of characters at a window, facing trouble. One of them was a young woman, in what I believed to be a wedding dress. And when she spoke, she literally had a man's voice. That's all I remember (aside from possibly another adult cartoon, showing gaurds shooting), because I guess I was in a bad mood that day and didn't watch the rest of it.
Now, before I knew that there was this show on Adult Swim, called "The Venture Brothers", or "Venture Bros." Didn't really know much about it, didn't really care (because I was pretty much younger at the time). In 2009, or 2010, I viewed :icondixie-chicken:'s Gallery for some "Ren & Stimpy" drawings, because I was a pretty big fan at the time. :) I saw some with two of the bee-dressed characters from "Venture Brothers", being all romantic, but that still didn't get me interested enough to watch it.

Then, one night [earlier this year, I believe], I turned the TV on, seeing what was on. Apperantly, "Venture Brothers" was airing on Adult Swim. There was this scene in this lair, and a young woman in a leotard walked over to one of the worker's seats. The worker saw the girl's big breasts in her costume, making him have a flashback of his first porn magazine! When she left, the guy's friend was all "Dude, did you see that?! She was totally pressing herself against you!" (that reminded me of a scene from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" when Kyon tried to prevent Mikuru from looking at the computer screen). Then, when I saw the back of the girl as the ruler spoke, the way the costume fit her butt reminded me of how :iconxjkenny: draws girls in bikinis. I realized that this woman had a manly voice, and wondered if this was the same show I glimpsed at years ago...
But after that, I changed to channel.

Later on, I went on Wikipedia to search for some more information. It turned out that her name's Dr. Girlfriend (odd name), and she's the Monarch's companion/wife. I also found it a bit odd that she's engaged with a man who looks a little old for her. Not only that, but I also learned that in the first season, she wore a purple suit and hat, before changing her name to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, her former lover's name is Phantom Limb (not surprising for an attractive woman like her) and there's been some rumors of transsexualism.

Then, one Summer day, I remember being on YouTube, looking up funny videos entitled "I STOLE THIS VIDEO FROM LUGIALGA BEFORE SHE UPLOADED IT", one of them being a Pooped version of a scene from the show, with audio clips from Mario and Zelda games. ;) I saw Girlfriend in the video still, and decided to watch it just for her. I think this scene depicted her and Monarch at a vacation home, with her nude under the bed sheets, and becoming disappointed for Monarch not being so romantic to her lately. Okay, I forgot most of what they 'said' in the video, but I do remember feeling mesmerized at Dr. Girlfriend. Why? Because the way they animated her appearance seemed so amazing-- she looked so curvy, so luscious, so... Well, if you've seen Jessica Rabbit, you get it. ;)
And after this, I swore to watch more of "Venture Bros." on TV...mainly for her... ;p
Jesserfly Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
LOL IKR?! ^_^ when I first heard her im like... IS THAT A WOMAN?! O_o lol she's so cool ^o^
My-Smile-Is-A-Rifle Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
To be fair, she is hot.
Dominik528 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
Yup. :)
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